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Ok, so over the past few days we have had a few people ask us about our packaging choices, so here is a little info on what we use and why we use it.

To begin with, our soap nuts are in a organic cotton bag. This bag is not certified organic, but we have talked to our supplier about getting it certified, and he told us that he gets the fabric to make them from a organic fabric dealer but they are not yet certified. He said he would look into the cost involved in getting our bags certified and we are waiting for a reply. Inside the cotton bag the soap nuts are sealed in a biodegradable plastic bag. The reason we choose to have the soap nuts sealed in India is to maintain the best quality. Soap nuts are a dried fruit and they need to stay dry or they will start to decompose. If you ever buy soap nuts and they are black and sticky it is because they have been exposed to moisture after they were dried and have started to go bad. These soap nuts will not be able to give you as many washes. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality soap nut and in order for us to guarantee this, we had to make sure the soap nuts were sealed right when they were dried. I hope this answers any questions you may have about our choice of packaging. Please feel free to comment or ask any other questions below.