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They sure do. Due to soap nuts being anti-microbial (which encompasses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal) they rid the diapers of their harmful bacteria and the diapers come out completely stink-free and squeaky clean every time. Some staining may still occur (from those nasty banana poops, yuck), but is nothing to worry about. Just put the diapers out in direct sunlight for a few hours and watch the stains fade! They will also boost the absorbency of the diapers because they leave no chemical residue and help strip any current buildup from previously used detergents. They leave the fibers of the cloth soft and open, causing it to be even more absorbent than before. It works the same on towels as well.

We use cloth diapers for our son, and since switching to soap nuts as our only cleaner there has been no stinky build-up, and we haven't had to go through the typical stripping process of multiple hot washes with no detergent (large waste of water) or boiling them in batches on the stove which uses lots of electricity (or gas) in order to get them absorbent again. I really can't say how much I love them as a match for cloth diapering, it's just beyond words. He also wont get diaper rash from the chemical detergent build-up. Win-Win! 

Last updated on Sunday, August 1, 2010 by Katie McIlveen