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Once you have reached the end of the soap nut's lives they will have turned a light tan or almost grey colour and begun to break into little pieces. They can then be composted, garborated, or simply tossed in the trash if you cannot do the former. Being plant matter they are fully biodegradable and will break down quickly.

A note from Katie: "I like to get every last drop of soap out of them by keeping a cup or jar by the washing machine with the leftover bits in it. I then fill that jar with hot water right before a particularly soiled load of laundry (our son's diapers for instance) and let them soak while the machine fills with water. When the machine is nearly full I poor the water into the machine through a strainer or a sock to catch the bits. Just to make them go a little further!"

Last updated on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 by Katie McIlveen