A Little About Us


Perusing the internet one day looking for more natural ways than harsh chemical detergents to clean my son's cloth diapers, I stumbled upon a chat forum of cloth diapering Mommas. The topic of discussion was "How do you keep your cloth diapers clean, stink-free and absorbent?" Or something along those lines. Many of the Moms said they swore by soap nuts. Now for all I knew, this was just another brand of 'eco-friendly' commercial man made detergents that usually cost a fortune. "Soap nuts? Nuts about soap? Clever name for a detergent company," I thought to myself. But just like the others that people were mentioning, I checked it out on good ol' faithful Google.

What came up astonished me, simply because a picture of a tree and little shriveled berries is what I saw first. "Are they actually nuts?? Huh! who ever thought soap grew on trees!" -My thoughts again. "I bet they don't work as good as 'regular' detergents though." Being the way I am, wanting to prove them wrong and be the only one on the Cloth-Diapering-Momma page who they didn't work for, I set out to find some and give them a shot. However, finding some in Western Canada, never mind Vancouver Island, was a challenge to say the least. I looked for nearly a week before finally buying some off of one of the Moms on the site who lives in Oliver BC (who apparently had enough to share the wealth, and it turns out she gets hers out of the states) and getting her to mail them to me. I was desperate ok? I have used them ever since and LOVE them.

But reaching into the box and finding I only had 5 left one day sent me into a panic. How am I going to get more without having to buy them from back East and pay tons of shipping, or having to buy out of the states and get charged shipping, duty, taxes AND the exchange rate?? I expressed my frustration to my husband, and Cleaner Planet Soap Nuts was born. I admit, it was his idea. He suggested, since they are so great, and obviously hard to get over here, why don't we try and be the ones to introduce them? Were we up for the challenge (and a challenge it has been!) of starting a business? Finding suppliers, doing market research, building a website, talking to people about their needs in this area, and oh so much more that comes with starting a business? Yes. We both love a good challenge.

And so it has begun. We look forward to building a relationship with you, our clients, and to finding more ways we can make this truly, a Cleaner Planet.